House rules

Compliance with the House Rules of the Holiday Rental Property is mandatory as part of the Holiday Rental Agreement. Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties, such as deductions from the security deposit. The term “seasonal rental” refers to all the spaces made available to the tenant, namely: the gîte itself, the adjoining terraces, the car park and carport, the swimming pool and its access.

The gîte is designed for the number of adult and child visitors registered in the contract. Under no circumstances may it be larger than this.
All tenants (and visitors) must comply with the house rules and any other instructions provided by the owner during their stay.
Tenants must inform the owner of any incident as soon as possible.
This holiday home is not suitable for children under the age of 15. Only infants registered in the contract are allowed, in agreement with the owner.
The tenants certify that they have holiday liability insurance covering all the people listed in the contract.
Proper dress is required.
Arrival at the gîte takes place between 3pm and 7pm. Departure before 10 am.

The tenants are entirely and in all circumstances responsible for any disturbance caused to the neighbourhood.
Noise pollution is prohibited at all hours and may result in the termination of the seasonal rental contract, eviction, loss of expenses incurred and deductions from the security deposit.

Tenants are allowed to invite a maximum of 4 visitors at any one time during their stay. The age requirements set out in point 3 of the general conditions apply to visitors.
Tenants are responsible for ensuring that visitors comply with the House Rules.
Tenants may not invite visitors to spend the night in the holiday home, under penalty of immediate termination of the rental agreement, without compensation or refund of sums paid.

It is strictly forbidden to organise parties or any other type of large-scale gathering in the holiday home.
All gatherings must respect the other rules stipulated in these regulations, in particular with regard to noise, neighbourhood and the number of visitors allowed.

Tenants and visitors must comply with the local parking regulations and other conditions listed below and are asked to show consideration for neighbours and other vehicles;
Seasonal rental parking is to be carried out in the carport provided for this purpose and in all cases without obstructing the movement of other vehicles in the parking area.WASTE AND SELECTIVE SORTING
Tenants and their visitors are obliged to dispose of their rubbish and recycling waste in the bins provided for this purpose or in the communal areas set up for this purpose.
Rubbish and recycling must be disposed of as follows: empty and clean packaging in the blue bin, glass in the green bin.

Tenants are fully responsible for the safety of visitors at all times.
Whenever tenants leave the holiday home, they are required to ensure that all windows and doors are closed and/or locked to maintain the safety of the property and to prevent potential rain damage.
Tenants must turn off lights, air conditioning, and electronic devices such as televisions when not in use to save energy.

The swimming pool may only be used between 10am and 8pm.
The pool is located in an enclosed area. Tenants undertake to keep this area closed after entering and leaving the area.
The pool area is strictly reserved for the tenants named on the rental contract. In the event of an accident involving an unauthorised person, the owner cannot be held responsible.
For safety reasons, the use of glasses is forbidden in or around the pool.

Guests are not allowed to smoke in the holiday home.

Pets are not allowed in the holiday home.

The television set receives the channels broadcast in clear on the TNT network.
The wifi is accessible via the WIFI REPEATER network, password: aleajactaest
The wifi repeater can be moved to the summer kitchen to have the network outside with the same identifiers. It is up to the tenants to put it back.